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torsdag 25. oktober 2012

Time for tea

I forgot to post some pictures of my tea collection.. I have now tried all of them, and my favourite is Rooibush and Vanilla although the Camomile and Lavender is exquisite as well. It really is tea time. Autumn has arrived, and I have not seen the sun in two weeks. It has been raining and foggy, and I have managed to get a little cold. Luckily (or hard-workingly), I have been able to keep on top of my reading nevertheless, but it has kept me from my running routine and I am getting a bit annoyed with my constant coughing and sniffing. Fingers crossed it is soon over.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oo, elsker teboksene, de inviterer virkelig til hygge:) Håper du føler deg bedre raskt!! Drar du hjemover til Norge i dag?

  2. Ja, ikke sant :) Tenkte å ta med meg et lite lass hjem til jul.. Takk for det - er fortsatt litt hanglete. Håper du har det fint i Roma :)