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søndag 7. oktober 2012

Sunday catch up

This weekend has just passed by so quickly.. I am finally finished with Solicitors Accounts - both the work book and the hand in exercise. It took ages, as it is almost hundred pages, but I quite enjoyed it. I used to love maths at school, but doing law you never really get to calculate anything (except for damages in certain cases). So I think my brain appreciates a bit of numbers and calculations.. Tonight is all about civil litigation.

Yesterday, I went for a late run (after spending the whole day with Solicitors Accounts), but I was not feeling it, and my leg started acting up. So I ended up having to walk a bit, and only did one lap. Thus, it was my slowest 'run' to date, and I was home way after sun set. The bridges over Thames are so beautiful lit up - I will have to show you some time.

Today has also been a Solicitors Accounts day, but I had a break where I cleaned the flat. It feels so nice to be rid off the dust and not see the random 'dust rabbit' (No: "hybelkanin") :)

Also - Pegs and I went out last night for a glass of wine and ended up cycling around in Chelsea. I cannot describe the feeling of freedom you get from cycling in London after dark. It is just great. We ended up at our local pub/bar - The Orange - which is really nice.

Pegs & Cat

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