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onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Cash swoosh

Sometimes I can be a bit reckless when it comes to spending. Normally, I only buy things I need, or do things I have been thinking of for a while, but when I do it all in one go it feels like my bank account suffers more... Today, I went and had a hair cut at Number 10. And yes. As the name suggests, this is not cheap. It is my closest hair dresser, and I did not ask about the price (stupidly enough) as I was going to just have a trim. 30 minutes and 10 cm later, I was confronted with having to pay almost 100 pounds. I tried not to look bothered, and paid by card. Swoosh. I guess that is the down side living in Chelsea.. Then, as if I hadn't already spent enough, I went shopping for running gear. New trainers from Asics, Skins (running trousers) and Gore wind proof jacket. It was all so expensive I was given socks for free... Swoosh. Then I thought I would better finish off all the other shopping I had planned, and went and bought vitamins, shampoo, conditioner and other "necessary stuff". Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

Me and my Number 10 hair plus the results from my shopping spree

2 kommentarer:

  1. Haha:D Du kjøpte i alle fall saker som du trenger da;) Du ble knallfin på håret, ser skikkelig fresht ut:)

  2. Nå har jeg ihvertfall ingen grunn til å ikke jogge (selvom det regner). Har jo vindtett/regntett jakke:p Og håret var jo så langt og slitt at det var deilig å få det klippet av. Takk <3