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tirsdag 16. oktober 2012

Property and Piano

Getting up today was painful. Somehow I did not manage to go to sleep last night until quite late, and ended up having a rapture of artsiness in the middle of the night. Who would not find their window and water glass in the dark fascinating? Or even beautiful - in a dark and mysterious way?

After my 9am Business Law class today I went home, made some pancakes while listening to Badura-Scoda and Demus playing Schubert. Breathtakingly beautiful. The two old, pianists are playing with such feeling it touches my heart.. Magical. I just had to share it :)

Now, it is time to continue with my property reading for Thursday's class - while listening to the two magicians. Enjoy your Tuesday!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Å, Cat, vi skulle aldri sluttet på piano!! Utrolig vakkert:)

  2. Kjempefint bilde i headeren forresten:) Du er så talentfull!!

  3. Jeg veeet, Thess!!! *Angreangre*

    p.s takk :) Bildet heter "fallen angels".