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torsdag 4. oktober 2012

Morning run

I never managed to go for a run yesterday as my Business Accounts took all day and most of the night, so I ended up going for a run this morning instead. It was crisp and cold, and with a stunning sun rise. Walking across Chelsea bridge with the sun reflecting in the Thames is such a luxurious feeling. And, I must admit, seeing all the workers in their suits run to work makes me appreciate this even more. I ended up doing two laps around Battersea Park - almost 8km. Now it is all about unregistered land for my practical legal property class tomorrow. 

P.s the picture is not taken this morning - it is the sunset from the day I went on a photo-exhibition to the park after my exam and arrived after sun set. But I want to share it with you as you can get an idea of how my morning started.. 

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