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lørdag 20. oktober 2012

Chia rolls and goodness

Today, finally, was my parcel with nuts, seeds, cocoa, vanilla pods, coconut milk and lots of other yummyness delivered at the door. Door delivery of food is such a lux feeling, and I really wish you had that in Norway too. Really something of a business idea! Anyways, after having had goats cheese and tomatoes for breakfast I got really hungry and decided to make some chia bread rolls after a recipe I have found here. I made a double recipe, so 6 big rolls are now in the owen and I cannot wait to taste them. I changed the recipe a bit as I didn't have oatmeal, but I used almond flour instead, so fingers crossed.

I also bought some really nice teas yesterday, and I will try them out with the rolls for late lunch. I am soon finished with PCR, and have one session in Business law to prepare before I can take the day off. Fingers crossed I will be finished so I can go for a run before dinner/sunset.

Pictures will follow shortly :) Picture posted.. Have a great Saturday!

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