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søndag 27. januar 2013

The wonderful world of Albert Kahn

There are few things in life that are more captivating than a black and white photograph from the 'olden days'. You are given a glimpse into a world which existed long before you were born, or even long before your grand parents were born. Black and white pictures are necessarily linked to a time where colour did not exist. However, colour photography did exist more than 100 years ago. According to Wikipedia (oh, the feeling of citing Wikipedia - soo wrong, but yet so good), colour photography was attempted as early as the beginning of the 1840s, but never really made a great success due to its fading colours of fake colouring methods. However, despite the existence of old colour photographs, I have never really seen any before very recently; the extraordinarily beautiful colours of Albert Kahn's photographs are faded and subtle  - making you stop and wonder, dreamily about how the world used to be. Having seen only black and white pictures from the old days, I find myself slightly puzzled by the sudden appearance of colour. It is refreshing and wonderful, and a bit mysterious. 

Albert Kahn was not himself the photographer, though. He was initiating and commissioning photographers to document the world through colour photographies in 1909 and onwards. The actual photographers The result is an array of pictures from all over the world - giving us all a glimpse into a past long forgotten. 

The Albert Kahn museum is in Paris, and the BBC has currently published a book where you can find some of his pictures. 

I will definitely go and have a look at the museum when in Paris, and might even buy the book. I can imagine it is the absolute best pass time on a rainy day where all you want to do is stay inside and drink lots of herbal tea.. 


Norway - possibly Hardanger (I have the same national costume dress)



lørdag 5. januar 2013

Back in London

I am back in London after my xmas break. I had two relaxed weeks filled with family and friends. I celebrated NY in Oslo - dinner with some friends. It as relaxed and fun. With good food and champagne. Just as it should be. Next year, however, I am planning on going somewhere else with a group of friends. We went to Tallinn last NY and it was such a great experience.

I came back two days ago, and it feels like I never left. Even Paddington station was not as grand as it normally feels upon return to London. Have I told you about the experience I normally get from arriving at Paddington? No?

Ok. Let me explain The Paddington Station Experience:

Imagine you are from a very large country with only 5 million inhabitants. This means you are not used to see many people in one place, and your train stations will usually never be really sizable. Then imagine that you are leaving that country to move to London. You arrive at the airport, and as you find the tube system somewhat complicated, you take the train to London Paddington. Upon arrival at the station you struggle with getting your heavy suitcase out onto the platform and when you finally look up you see Paddington. Its grandeur takes your breath away, and you are inevitably reminded of how small you are and how big the world is. It is a good feeling. A little daunting, but nevertheless a good feeling. I strongly recommend the Paddington experience to you too!

Paddington Station 1913 - not very different from the Paddington you arrive at today.

torsdag 13. desember 2012

My revision bubble

I am sure most of you have experienced it. The revision bubble. I have had 8 exams, and only two left before I can enjoy xmas. I am leaving for Norway one day after my last exam - giving me one day to go ice skating at Sommerset and do the random xmas shopping. Yes. Looking forward. A lot. 

When you are in the bubble, very little fun is happening. However, when you do go out and meet friends, go to the shop or go for a walk you seem to appreciate it even more. I am a strong believer in balance, and try to balance my study hours with healthy meals, walks and a bit of social life. Although, studying, of course, is the main thing. It fills most of my bubble, most of my days, and most of my life at the moment. 

However, speaking of balance. Yesterday I made these mean chocolate muffins. They are made without sugar and white flour, so are not as bad for your blood sugar level as normal muffins. I made them with eggs, a tad of the skin of an organic orange, 90% dark chocolate, coco butter, coconut butter, walnuts, hazel nuts, almond flour, agave sirup and some other secret ingredients. I tried the first fresh out-of-the-oven, and it was a super lush experience. The middle was sort of soft, and the chocolate was all melted. Yum. Really. Really. Good. Then I had one or two throughout the day, and then a couple more today. Keeping revision energy levels high :p However, I put the last two in the freezer as I want to save them for my last exam day. I am having two exams in one day (yet again) and it would be great to have a muffin to look forward to in the one hour break between the exams. 

My revision bubble

fredag 30. november 2012

Sommerset House

I have started my running routine again. Hooray! 5k yesterday. I am using nike plus - and it is a really good way to keep track of your runs. It tells you everything you need to know and also has nice graphs which tells you how fast you run so you can compare to previous runs, but also see where you normally dip in speed. 

Tomorrow I have planned for a 3k run. I am going to keep it very light and easy until my exams are over.. I need my energy for my revision time and my exams. 

I went to see Tim Walker's photo exhibition at Sommerset House today. As a nice break between reading. It was a very interesting exhibit. Tim is one of today's most famous fashion photographers, and his pictures are balancing between fairy tale beautiful and scary-movie disruption. I had hoped, however, to be even more swooned than I was. I don't know, but I had very high expectations, and somehow they weren't really met. I think the exhibition could have been halved without loosing out too much, leaving more space for the really good pieces. That said, it is absolutely worth your time. If you are in London; go, go, go. 

Also - Sommerset House has an ice rink, and is very beautiful in itself. I am planning on going skating with some friends when I am finished with my exams. So that is another thing you could do if you are going to London during winter.. 

Sommerset House ice rink

torsdag 22. november 2012

The green pitch

It is no secret that I am green. Nature is close to my heart and has always been one of my passions. I have always wanted to take part in making the world a greener place. 

When I was young and had little power to actually do anything about the 'grown ups world', I did the few things that I thought would help. My childhood friends and I raised money by selling waffels, cakes and what not to the neighbours to raise money for Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Red Cross and so on. I can also remember endless of times where we picked garbage from the streets around where I lived, and the secret promises we made that we would never ever in the world buy a car. For this promise we actually made a 'cliss hands' promise - which is basically what it sounds like; spitting in ones hand and then shake it afterwords. It is the slightly lesser dangerous promise than the blood promise. Somehow I feel that I still must honour this promise, and I have not yet bought a car. If I buy one it will definitely be one that is really (!) green. One doesn't really know the consequences of breaching a cliss hands promise. 

Later in life I pursued my passion by studying international environmental law, and now I am one of those lucky few who are actually working 100% green in renewable energy law. Although I have come across a disgruntled property owner or two in practice who are not too content about the prospect of getting a wind mill park next to their peaceful swamp, I feel that the work I do is generally decent. It is a great feeling. 

Although it is a great feeling working green - in today's world - with the imminent and horrific threat of global warming, ocean acidification, depletion of wild life and so on and so on - it is not enough.  Awareness and action are invaluable. However, despite all my knowledge and despite all my efforts I find myself knowing too little and forgetting too much. Sometimes on the brink of giving up. 

Yes. I have been buying organic for the past few years. But what about the organic food that has been flown in by plane or tanked in by ships. Is it better to go local? 

Yes. I have been buying local when the opportunity arises. Especially in England, where this is affordable. However, in Norway, local food is insanely expensive and has put me off.

Yes. I have been boycotting H&M since the documentary from Sweden came about. I have been happy with the thought that Zara was given a higher score for giving its workers a fairer salary. However, in Greenpeace's latest report  it reveals that Zara has an unacceptable level of toxins in its clothes - potentially cancerous. 

Yes. I have been buying shampoo and conditioner from the Body Shop and soap from Lush as that have not been tested on animals. However, the shampoo made my very hair dry and I am longing for my Kerestase products. 

Yes. I have been recycling. Although all the recycled material is not separated and weirdly goes into one container. 

Yes. I was a vegetarian for a couple of years. But I loved fish and meat too much to give it up. Is this an unacceptable selfish position to take in today's society although I make sure I buy free range and organic, and I never eat red meat?

And then. Things that are simply NO. Flights to see my loved ones more times than absolutely necessary. My long, hot showers. I know. They are the worst. Not environmentally friendly at all. But oh-so-good. 

Enough said. I have decided that my actions should be louder and clearer. It is not enough to speak about change. And it is not a good enough reason to say I forget or am confused. 

My childhood self knew instinctively that no matter how small you are or how little your effort is, it is valuable. So I will continue to strive to be a better person for the environment. No matter how confusing and saddening it is that I cannot be simply good, or purely green. I just got to do my best. 

Avatar - for inspiration and courage to do what it takes for our planet

tirsdag 20. november 2012

5 things to do before Xmas

Not that I have any time. Exams are coming up soon - next Monday I have two! However, these 5 things have been on my wish list for months now.. I have my fingers crossed I will be able to go at some point before Xmas - perhaps after my exams before I return home. If you are going to London/are in London then here is my wish list for you to enjoy:

  1. Tate Modern - Klein + Moriyama photo exhibition
  2. Saatchi gallery - Chanel's black jacket exhibition
  3. National Gallery - My favourite gallery
  4. Trafalgar Square Xmas tree lighting (I think this is the first Thursday of December) 
  5. Tim Walker's exhibition at Sommerset House

Picture from Tim Walker's exhibit taken by cocosteaparty

Xmas tree lighting at Trafalgar Square

søndag 18. november 2012


It is Movember. I realised this fairly soon into November as my Facebook account was bombarded with pictures of my male friends and their mustache.  As I currently don't have a boyfriend, I am not suffering under this good cause except for the random shock of seeing all my childhood male friends with a varying degree of Mo under their nose.

That said, I take this as a golden opportunity to introduce to you my current favourite cartoon, Tegnhanne. She has not made a story on the phenomenon Movember, but she has made a story about advice she would give her little brother upon becoming an adult. I thought I would share with you the accompanying picture to her advice: "you should not always grow a mustache even though you can!"

In courtesy of Tegnhanne
For more laughs - (although it is in Norwegian) - check out her blog here

fredag 16. november 2012

Frozen Friday

Two exams done in less than a day. I celebrate by watching my birthday present - 'Frozen Planet -  a world beyond imagination' - a BBC series on the frozen parts of the world. Spectacular scenes capture the realities of the Arctic and the Antarctic - reminding me of the beauty and power of nature. Coming from the North, I find it entirely captivating. I keep nature very close to my heart. 

Only half of the baby penguins will survive their first months

The owl - an incredible creature

Killer whales being interested in the camera crew - perhaps making friends?

The wolfs were struggling trying to find prey for their cubs

Penguins love to surf. I am sure I heard some of them laugh :o

The film is absolutely breath taking and definitely worth your time. Both inspirational and enjoyable. 

tirsdag 13. november 2012

Back to reality

Just finished doing my property mock exam and will prepare for criminal law SGS. Tomorrow I hope to do my Wills & Administration of Estate exam and finish off and hand in my practical legal research exam. My exam on Friday went really well, but I have my fingers crossed in any event. You never know..

The coming weekend will be a full on revision weekend, as last weekend was not as studious as I had hoped. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday (it was such a great night), and on Sunday I went for a 10k run in Battersea (which is really autumn-y and picturesque). Thus, most of the weekend went by without any proper studying.

I can't believe it is just a month till Christmas and holiday. I think I will leave the xmas shopping till after my exams.
Celebrating my birthday - it was a masquerade themed party.

tirsdag 6. november 2012


OMG. Time flies. I have my second exam this Friday, and then I have two more exams the coming week before I have an exam marathon with six exams before xmas. Sometimes I wish I had a time turner.. It is not easy being a geek. Especially if you are a perfectionist. And want to keep a balance in your life. I have not been for a run for three weeks. Partly because of the weather, partly because I have been feeling a little out of sorts, and partly because I simply do not have time. Now, however, with a back that aces (a lot) and forces me to curl into the corner of the sofa reading law, I realise that health must come first. If not, I will not be able to be the geek I aim to be..

So tomorrow morning I will go for a run. I can imagine Battersea Park being really pretty dressed in the colours of the fall.
Balancing cat