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fredag 30. november 2012

Sommerset House

I have started my running routine again. Hooray! 5k yesterday. I am using nike plus - and it is a really good way to keep track of your runs. It tells you everything you need to know and also has nice graphs which tells you how fast you run so you can compare to previous runs, but also see where you normally dip in speed. 

Tomorrow I have planned for a 3k run. I am going to keep it very light and easy until my exams are over.. I need my energy for my revision time and my exams. 

I went to see Tim Walker's photo exhibition at Sommerset House today. As a nice break between reading. It was a very interesting exhibit. Tim is one of today's most famous fashion photographers, and his pictures are balancing between fairy tale beautiful and scary-movie disruption. I had hoped, however, to be even more swooned than I was. I don't know, but I had very high expectations, and somehow they weren't really met. I think the exhibition could have been halved without loosing out too much, leaving more space for the really good pieces. That said, it is absolutely worth your time. If you are in London; go, go, go. 

Also - Sommerset House has an ice rink, and is very beautiful in itself. I am planning on going skating with some friends when I am finished with my exams. So that is another thing you could do if you are going to London during winter.. 

Sommerset House ice rink

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