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tirsdag 13. november 2012

Back to reality

Just finished doing my property mock exam and will prepare for criminal law SGS. Tomorrow I hope to do my Wills & Administration of Estate exam and finish off and hand in my practical legal research exam. My exam on Friday went really well, but I have my fingers crossed in any event. You never know..

The coming weekend will be a full on revision weekend, as last weekend was not as studious as I had hoped. I celebrated my birthday on Saturday (it was such a great night), and on Sunday I went for a 10k run in Battersea (which is really autumn-y and picturesque). Thus, most of the weekend went by without any proper studying.

I can't believe it is just a month till Christmas and holiday. I think I will leave the xmas shopping till after my exams.
Celebrating my birthday - it was a masquerade themed party.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, vakker! Utrolig fin maske også:)

    1. Takk:) Masken er kjøpt her: Det er jo bare å sette på ønskelisten hvis du kunne tenke deg en selv? De har den fra GG også :) Let me know.

  2. Oo, ja, definitivt et juleønske:) VD-masken var utrolig fin, så tror nesten det er den jeg ønsker meg i såfall;)