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fredag 16. november 2012

Frozen Friday

Two exams done in less than a day. I celebrate by watching my birthday present - 'Frozen Planet -  a world beyond imagination' - a BBC series on the frozen parts of the world. Spectacular scenes capture the realities of the Arctic and the Antarctic - reminding me of the beauty and power of nature. Coming from the North, I find it entirely captivating. I keep nature very close to my heart. 

Only half of the baby penguins will survive their first months

The owl - an incredible creature

Killer whales being interested in the camera crew - perhaps making friends?

The wolfs were struggling trying to find prey for their cubs

Penguins love to surf. I am sure I heard some of them laugh :o

The film is absolutely breath taking and definitely worth your time. Both inspirational and enjoyable. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastisk:D Den må jeg se. Elsker natur-dokumentarer:)

  2. Japp :D Kan ta den med hjem til jul så kan vi kose oss :)