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søndag 18. november 2012


It is Movember. I realised this fairly soon into November as my Facebook account was bombarded with pictures of my male friends and their mustache.  As I currently don't have a boyfriend, I am not suffering under this good cause except for the random shock of seeing all my childhood male friends with a varying degree of Mo under their nose.

That said, I take this as a golden opportunity to introduce to you my current favourite cartoon, Tegnhanne. She has not made a story on the phenomenon Movember, but she has made a story about advice she would give her little brother upon becoming an adult. I thought I would share with you the accompanying picture to her advice: "you should not always grow a mustache even though you can!"

In courtesy of Tegnhanne
For more laughs - (although it is in Norwegian) - check out her blog here

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