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tirsdag 6. november 2012


OMG. Time flies. I have my second exam this Friday, and then I have two more exams the coming week before I have an exam marathon with six exams before xmas. Sometimes I wish I had a time turner.. It is not easy being a geek. Especially if you are a perfectionist. And want to keep a balance in your life. I have not been for a run for three weeks. Partly because of the weather, partly because I have been feeling a little out of sorts, and partly because I simply do not have time. Now, however, with a back that aces (a lot) and forces me to curl into the corner of the sofa reading law, I realise that health must come first. If not, I will not be able to be the geek I aim to be..

So tomorrow morning I will go for a run. I can imagine Battersea Park being really pretty dressed in the colours of the fall.
Balancing cat

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  1. Hihi, søtt bilde:P Lykke til på eksamen i morgen<3