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torsdag 13. desember 2012

My revision bubble

I am sure most of you have experienced it. The revision bubble. I have had 8 exams, and only two left before I can enjoy xmas. I am leaving for Norway one day after my last exam - giving me one day to go ice skating at Sommerset and do the random xmas shopping. Yes. Looking forward. A lot. 

When you are in the bubble, very little fun is happening. However, when you do go out and meet friends, go to the shop or go for a walk you seem to appreciate it even more. I am a strong believer in balance, and try to balance my study hours with healthy meals, walks and a bit of social life. Although, studying, of course, is the main thing. It fills most of my bubble, most of my days, and most of my life at the moment. 

However, speaking of balance. Yesterday I made these mean chocolate muffins. They are made without sugar and white flour, so are not as bad for your blood sugar level as normal muffins. I made them with eggs, a tad of the skin of an organic orange, 90% dark chocolate, coco butter, coconut butter, walnuts, hazel nuts, almond flour, agave sirup and some other secret ingredients. I tried the first fresh out-of-the-oven, and it was a super lush experience. The middle was sort of soft, and the chocolate was all melted. Yum. Really. Really. Good. Then I had one or two throughout the day, and then a couple more today. Keeping revision energy levels high :p However, I put the last two in the freezer as I want to save them for my last exam day. I am having two exams in one day (yet again) and it would be great to have a muffin to look forward to in the one hour break between the exams. 

My revision bubble

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