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søndag 21. oktober 2012

The Parisian Party

What is the one thing you must do when in London? Go to a proper Parisian party. Mais oui.

Last night (Saturday) was a blast. It was oh-so-French and oh-so-cool in the way only Parisians know. I was originally just going to pop by with my friend, Hodo, and some of her friends, after having met for a glass of Chablis at a local pub. However, I ended up staying till the wee hours, and left only when the hosts turned on the lights (as in the Parisian way of politely saying - we had fun - now fuck off). 

The flat was located just behind Marble Arch and was really big, filled with Louis the XIV chairs and mirrors, with black and white pictures on the walls, and a wide screen with Stanley Kubrick films and Film Noir films running silently in the background. Of course, the whole flat was filled with lit candles, and in the ladies' there were hotel-style-handkerchieves rolled with silk ribbons neatly in a basket. Of course, there were French food - although I did not eat any as I arrived from a bar and had had my load of French fries (not sure the French would have approved. Tsk tsk). And there were French people, Italian people, and the random Norwegian. All dancing, talking, smoking, randomly chatting up or intensely conversing. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what it was that made it so great. It certainly had the touch of "je ne sais quoi". Already looking forward till my next Paris event.

Today, I have been reading Business law and Criminal procedure law and done the random grocery shopping. I haven't managed to go for a run since Monday last week as the weather has been really bad those times I had a run planned. This week I will just have to be a bit more flexible and go for a run when the sky is clear/it's not raining. 

Hodo and I at the Parisian Party

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