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tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Just another day

Today is grey and chill, with autumn leaves on the ground. I slept in today - and woke up at 10.30am. Eeeks. I know. Very late. It is something I rarely do, but I have been feeling tired and out of sorts lately, so I figured I needed to catch up with some sleep. And that was indeed a good idea. I have been very effective today, and the day is not yet over. I have been doing a lot of Business Law, and I just got back from a run in Battersea Park - two laps - and my longest run to date. And I felt fine the whole way. Now I am going shopping at Sainsbury's. I am in desperate need for some food as my fridge has been suffering from my studiousness lately, and all that is left is ryevita, butter, French mustard and quinoa.

Also - in a moment of boredom the other day I was surfing the Net, and I found the most amazing trousers from Cameo.. Dark blue with black details. Me loves! I do not think it is possible to send it to London, but I might as well send it to my parents house in Norway for collection when I get back at xmas.. I can imagine wearing them with some black pumps and a lush wool sweater. What do you think?

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