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søndag 23. september 2012

My 20s passing by

Another week(end) has passed by with my head in the books. Today was all about injunctions. Will I regret my studiousness when my 20s has passed by while reading the judgments of Lord Denning or Lord Wilberforce? Will the heaps of invitations to parties I have turned down and the endless of Fridays and Saturdays I have spent in my room reading law books haunt me once I am too old to get away with dancing on tables. Am I not too old to dance on tables already? Are you ever young enough to dance on tables? I don't know. You tell me. 

In this slightly premature mid life crisis, or should I say severely late teen rebellion, I have realised my way out is not a fancy car or dancing on tables, but to take one day off a week where I am not studying.  Or one day a month. Or just half a day. Like next Sunday. So I can have my hair cut. 

At least I tried. 


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