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torsdag 20. september 2012

Cat in London

Here I go again. Living in London. Not Camden this time, but Chelsea. Two different worlds. Yes. Really. Where Camden is crowded, Chelsea is empty. Where Camden got cheap bargains, Chelsea got expensive bargains. Where Camden got scones with clotted cream, Chelsea got organic melt-on-your tongue brownies. Where Camden got dirt and whores, Chelsea got clean streets and high class escorts. Where Camden got the big, get-lost-and-mesmorised-in touristy market, Chelsea got the farmer's market. Where Camden got police sirens every night, Chelsea got the silence which comes in suburbia. And Battersea Park - a Chelsea treat. Whilst I enjoy Camden, I must admit Chelsea is much more my cup of tea. Although I sometimes think I belong somewhere in between of these world's. 

And as you can imagine, I have been super busy with studying, so I haven't had time to take any photos.. But I promise that I will post some soon!


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