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mandag 2. mai 2011

Make a business statement with a tan - and a VB dress

I just had to share with you the Trompe l'oei dress number 5 from Victoria Beckham. Despite being her very first Spring/Summer 2009 Collection, it is a beautiful creation that says professionalism and control with a touch of beauty. I know 2009 is almost a decade ago in fashion world, but, luckily, we also have the business world. And in that world, fashion comes second. What comes first, however, is amazingly fitted clothes. Always, always wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, with fabrics that feel good against your skin. I am weak for high heels, but I still argue that comfortable shoes are a must. Nothing is more heart breaking than women who cannot walk in high heels - they just seem so utterly lost and fragile. If you  manage to walk in them, you can wear them. Of course, the very high ones will have to escort you to disco/dance only. 

And on a matter of don'ts and do's - as we are coming closer to summer, there is one thing that always makes a statement (at least in the west); a nice tan. But again, the big, big don't is orange or flaking brown. If you want a tan, it should be natural. Or at least look natural. If you manage to get a naturally looking tan by cheating, then go for it. However, no one should be able to see that you cheat. On this note, have a look at the tan of the model. Personally, I think it looks natural and certainly makes the white look crisp and fresh against her skin. What is your opinion about the dress and her tan?

If you feel inspired, the dress can be found here.


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