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torsdag 28. april 2011

Bow Tie & Love at First Sight

A visiting professor in international law of foreign investment gave a talk at my University the other day. Despite his (old) age and egg-shaped body, I immediately fell in love with him. The reason, my friend; a perfectly made bow tie in soft pink and grey. 
A bow tie is a fashion statement, and sends out an intellectual yet humorous vibe. No matter who wears it, they are bound to get attention. I have no first hand experience with wearing a bow tie, however, my brother wore it at NYE in Oslo, and the positive attention he got made my best (male) friend quite determined that he would wear it next year too. If you are not up for bold colours such as the Duchamp bow ties, you can still make a statement with a lovely navy blue bow tie from Paul Smith, now on sale at House of Fraser online store. 

Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, F.D Roosevelt all wore bow ties. Recently, bow tie got a renaissance for the younger generation as fronted by the rich and cynical Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl.


Classic bow ties in dark purple and black on elegant men. 
Pictures found at Berkley Magazine

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